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YUJ Herbal Tea & Wellness 

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New Tea Arrivals

YUJ Herbal Teas have many health benefits such as reducing inflammation, stress alleviation, providing immune system support, and much more. Our goal is to offer each consumer a high-quality tea that not only tastes great but has healthy benefits as well. We don’t just want our customers to drink our teas for the sake of drinking tea, we want our tea drinkers to have a memorable experience with every cup.

Yoga Session

We strive to bring spiritual, mental and physical wellness to the community through the Art of Restorative Yin Yoga and meditation.  These practices aid in the reduction of trauma, pain and anxiety while releasing tension from the body.  Restorative Yin Yoga helps to relieve chronic stress by providing an environment for total relaxation. Its focus is on releasing, surrendering and learning compassion toward ourselves and others. 
YUJ Herbal Tea & Wellness works proudly in partnership with many organizations to help bring services to communities in need.


“YUJ Herbal Teas are my favorite. I love the taste of the green tea its is amazing! I 100% Recommend.”

Kate Braxton

Tea Container


Packaged & Shipped in USA

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